children’s book review – I Love You Stinky Face

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It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite book to read to my kids, but this book is it. It’s just that well done. It’s the perfect length, great illustrations, easy concept, sweet enough to make me cry and silly enough to make my kids laugh.

The book is I Love You, Stinky Face.

This is the first book I have a memory of reading to tiny baby Sam. He could not have been more than a few days old—definitely under a week. I remember the room we were in and how I still had so many nerves and was in that hormonal state. This book brought tears to my eyes instantly.

Then I got to the part where the child asked what if he were a slimy smelly sea creature and she said:

“Then I would live by the swamp and take care of you always…”

And I sat there with my little teeny baby and cried because I would have lived by the swamp for him too!

I don’t have a memory of my first time reading any other book to the kids. So this one, for me, is something special.

I love how it puts unconditional love and how a mother would do anything for their child in terms that are funny and perfect for kids. This way, it doesn’t come across mushy at all. And other than those very emotional times it’s not really a tear jerker.

If her child was an alligator she’d buy a bigger toothbrush. If her child were a smelly skunk she’d plunk him in a bubble bath. And so on. I love the message.

It does still get my in the feels to this day thinking about how this silly little book about skunks and bugs and peanut butter and alligators and monsters is actually the sweetest thing ever.

I Love You, Stinky Face is a classic at our house. It has been steady in the rotation for both boys since the very beginning and it is my go-to when gifting books for new mamas.

Last night I read it to both boys at the same time and realized that even though most board books have taken up residence in our younger child’s room, this book will not soon be outgrown. I think it’s age appropriate up to grade school really.

It get’s a full on 5/5 on Amazon, which is not surprising. I can’t recommend it enough to add to your collection or to give to someone else!

See the boys below enjoying our new bedtime set up. Since Tom is going to move into Sam’s room come May/June (I want to give him a few months in there before the baby comes) we have started letting him stay up as late as Sam.

In our Babywise household that means they stay up until 7:45 or maybe even 8:00 on the weekends if we’re feeling crazy, ha!

Since they go down at the same time they have been sharing a bedtime story in the big master bed. We snuggle up with a story then we have to sing “roll over, roll over” and fall out one by one. It’s pretty sweet.

I am loving life with these “stinky faces.”

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easy diy oatmeal bath

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I’ve given the boys an oatmeal bath two weeks in a row now and cannot get over how much this simple ingredient has helped with their eczema!

I remember oatmeal baths from back in the chicken pox days, but never thought about it again really.

Then thanks to this long winter or just the fact that they have eczema, Sam’s elbows flared up overnight and poor Tom’s entire body felt like sandpaper despite lotion. So I found myself Googling.

For me it’s a huge bonus if it’s easy and cheap! I love a good DIY to save some money. This could not be easier and can be made with 3 things you probably have on hand, which I love compared to some more expensive options.

You simply need:
Oatmeal (soothing and moisturizing)
Baking soda (helps with itching!)
A sock (keeps the bath from being a mess, tie it off with itself or with a rubber band)

Put few scoops of oatmeal in the sock. Add in a spoon full of baking soda. Tie it off and toss it in the tub. You can add in a little baby oil or coconut oil but I didn’t do this the second time. Sometimes I add baby oil to baths in the winter to help with their dry skin but it doesn’t do great in hair!

Squish and squeeze the sock a bit until the water becomes cloudy with oatmeal bath magic!

After soaking in the warm water the oatmeal sock gets really soft and you can squeeze out a thicker almost lotion of oatmeal starchy stuff to rub over bad eczema spots.

I even put some of this on them at the very end without rinsing and it was quickly absorbed.

I found myself with the smoothest hands and arms after their bath. I think I’ll be trying an oatmeal bath for myself sometime soon!

Of course it’s best to put lotion on straight after the bath and we have had great luck with Eucerin Eczema cream which, compared to the Aveeno option, has worked really well for the boys.

I recommend this super simple, green, and easy treatment. I wish I had thought of it last summer when I battled a crazy reaction to poison ivy for a month! It would be great for dry skin, eczema, diaper rash and even minor itchy allergic reactions.

Amazon scores 2

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I received great feedback on my first Amazon Scores post so I’m going to keep them up! It’s not where I do all or even most of my shopping. I love locally owned stores, TJMaxx, and Facebook boutiques equally.

But, I am undoubtedly an Amazon fan. Just today I was thinking about all the things I’ve done on Amazon since becoming a Prime member NINE years ago!

From a Wedding Registry to a baby registry to Kindle books and music on the Alexa, I’m all about it. Why not get some clothing on there as well!?

I just recently signed up for the “try Audible and get two free audiobooks” deal and now I have some audiobook action to compete with my newfound love of podcasts for laundry folding time. I get distracted folding watching TV! Marie Kondo’s folds are WAY to complex too not need your eyes. So listening to something is my new go-to.

Anyway, this Amazon score roundup will probably be the the last one for a while and then around June I should be ready to do an Amazon maternity clothes post!

So here goes more of my in front of a dirty mirror now with some Sam and Tom cameos:

This suede top is my favorite! It’s not too thick or stiff like I imagined it would be and runs true to size. I am comfortable in a medium. The only thing I wish is that I had it in more colors right now because there were plenty to choose from! 🙂

I think this sweater was a steal and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a waffle knit and very comfy. I probably should have gone up to a large to get the right look though. My boys love nothing more than to tussle around in the bedroom while I give you a fashion show!

I love this shirt for work and it’s rare I’d find a shirt like this for the price! It’s a sheer layered material with a fitted band at the waist and just feels like a nice quality top. In the second photo I tucked in. I should have shown it with dress pants or a skirt because it is super versatile. Fits true to size and comes in tons of colors. I don’t even think that this color was the best for my skin tone and I still love it.

I didn’t read closely or I would have realized this is a crop top. But just barely. I don’t really wear cropped things but if I did, I would say this was not too shabby for how crazy cheap it was! I’m in a medium here and not sure on the fit. I returned this but still think it was worth showing in case it’s your style because of the price!

Okay I did not know how to model these adorable shoes for you. I don’t do them justice with my mirror and bad pedi. But how perfect are they to transition from winter to spring or from summer to fall? I am so happy about this Amazon find!

And that’s a wrap until the baby bump makes an appearance! Thanks everyone for following along. My little blog has been steadily growing thanks to shares from my readers, so if you liked these Amazon scores please Pin the image below!

what’s in your Easter basket?

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Or, if you’re like me, it’s more like what’s in your Amazon cart?

I love shopping for Easter. Maybe it’s because there aren’t lists that can change last minute like with Santa Claus. At our house, there were one to many mind changes on or around Dec 23rd this year so we ended up going overboard!

This is not to be feared with the Easter Bunny who just brings happy little surprises!

Maybe that’s why I love it. I think there is something more fun about coming up with the items myself. More fun, more controlling…however you want to look at it 🙂

Of course I am going for goodies that I know they will enjoy, but I’m also trying to steer clear of more stuff to stick in the play room.

Last year I did a post on ideas for non-toy items in the Easter basket and this year I plan to keep this in mind again. The toy room is more than a little packed from said overboard Christmas .

So, here is what I’m thinking:

Light up rain boots. First of all we need new rain boots. Second of all, my boys are going to lose their minds over these. And third these are a great price!

A book. If we didn’t have it already, you know from my review that I think The Velveteen Rabbit is perfect Easter basket material. I am going to go with this book on the Easter Story that I want to have in our seasonal rotation. Our Christmas and even our Halloween book game is pretty strong, but we don’t have many for Easter.

Bath bombs. For these I am going with a lady who makes them in my home town and I believe she is making little egg shapes this year. My kids love for their bath to change color or that finger paint soap stuff so anything fun for bath time is always a go-to for me at Easter.

Bubbles, but especially these bubble guns. Anything to keep Tom from repeatedly dumping out all the bubbles! I think these will be a huge hit and practical because it’s easier for kids to easily make tons of bubbles this way.

A board game. I got the boys each a game for Valentines Day—Ants in the Pants and Cooties. There are a surprising number of age 3 and up “board games” out there! It was interesting the first time teaching them to follow directions and take turns but really they did great. Plus I love getting them away from the TV on a cold or rainy day. For this Easter I am going with HiHo! Cherry-O , another one of my old favs, to add to our new family game night collection.

Chocolate bunny suckers. Sam saw the Easter Bunny’s factory on the movie Hop cranking out some chocolate Easter bunny suckers and he thought they were the coolest things he’s ever seen. I made a mental note. Ideally these will pop up in stores because all I can find on Amazon is the DIY option—a
bunny shaped mold with sucker sticks…ehhhh.

S’more sticks! We ended up with a fire pit at my family’s Dirty Santa game last Christmas and I am so excited to roast marshmallows this spring! These sticks are fun colors and super long so kids don’t have to stand too close. I think they will also be perfect to pack for our upcoming vacation to Montana!

Hopefully these baskets are a good mix of fun and practical and won’t contribute any to our struggling playroom. I plan to split up the sticks and bubble gun 2-pack between the baskets and give one the book and one the board game to keep it all within a reasonable budget.

I’d love to hear your Easter basket ideas! Let me know in the comments.

Now if only the weather would comply, I’d be ready to decorate! I skipped it last weekend since it was snowing….but maybe I’ll go ahead and go for it this weekend!

mom scaring

I have noticed a trend both in person and on social media lately. It’s one I know I have participated in but that still bothers me from time to time.

Maybe now that I am expecting baby number three I have just heard it more or taken more notice of it…but here it is:

Why do we, as moms, love to scare brand new or expectant parents? I am sure I’ve done it at some point, so I’m not pointing a finger here. I just wonder why is it that after the congratulations we just inundate people with warnings of how their life is over?

It’s those little comments when someone is so ready to have their first baby and they are told “oh just wait” with a sense of warning.

It’s a comment to a mom expecting a second or third that now the work REALLY begins.

It’s that Facebook post I have seen circulating lately about how new parents on average are sleep deprived for the first 6 years. SIX?! I don’t care who you are, that’s scary.

It’s often times joking…but not really.

It’s the explosive diaper photo compilations. The knock down when a mom says they are going to try to not start the baby with a particular habit like a pacifier.

The talks about your body being wrecked. The horror stories. The little laugh that means “you have no idea.”

It’s telling people they’ll never have a social life again, never get dressed up for a date night, never have their bed back.

The social media posts that say “before you have kids look at THIS” and show you some monstrous mess or something gross.

On the surface its just honesty I guess. Your baby isn’t going to come home sleeping and there will be some diaper mishaps. It will be like nothing you’ve ever done before. In fact there are probably very few things that will go as you expect them to.

Most of the new mom warnings are probably well-intentioned …but I have to say as someone who is taking notice of it and receiving quite a few comments about having 3…it is everywhere.

Even now as I am feeling like a veteran and that I should be confident in another, these posts and comments can give me unease!

Why not just let me be blissfully unaware of how hard three kids will be for a while… my dose of reality will hit me just like it hit you.

And why not encourage those who express any interest in bringing children into the world instead of scaring them?

I am not currently suffering from 6 years of sleeplessness (I mean last night my 2 year old did wake up crying because he couldn’t find his stuffed animal….that he was laying on…but that is rare!)

But who knows this time around…

This third baby is most likely going to be completely different than what I know because, let’s face it, all babies are. Still the warnings of just how hard it all really is still creep up and make me wonder how we’ll do it. And I’ve been there, twice!

I am thankfully confident in our choice to have three–but imagine if you were expecting your first or just contemplating even having kids.

All this talk about never getting to shower, wear anything other than sweat pants, or sleep again ever is enough to put it off a few years! (And it’s mostly all exaggeration I promise!)

I do get it. It’s not always glamorous. But surely there are some highlights of parenthood we could be floating around Facebook instead. Because, from the outside looking in, who would sign up for all this?!

I was talking to a friend today who doesn’t have kids and this came up, even before I said I had a blog post ready about this! Among her friends with kids, she really only hears about how hard their lives are. I think this is daunting if you are close to considering starting a family.

The general consensus (and one that I’m not saying I disagree with) is MOTHERHOOD IS HARD.

This is true. But it’s not the only truth.

I am going to make an effort this Lent to talk about and focus on how motherhood is rewarding. I am also giving up sweets….which could potentially be a failure so I am choosing two things, ha!

I know plenty of wonderful moms who get so much joy from their kids and I love reading/hearing about it. I think the world would love to get a bit more of that.

Anyway, this is just me, reminding myself as an expectant mom to put the war stories out of my mind and think of the good. Because we have a new bundle who will bring so much goodness in 6 short months!

This is also me as an existing mom reminding myself that a few words of well-wishing versus warnings go over much better when talking to my friends on the other side.

Our thoughts dictate so much. Think about how it’s hard, and it feels hard. Think about the bright side, and everything starts feeling better. I’m ready for this Lenten season of positive motherhood–my Facebook and Instagram will hopefully be sunnier while I enjoy soaking up the little moments of life with a 2 and 4 year old.

zipper bedding dreams

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Since we are expecting another baby this fall we have plans to move Tom into Sam’s room in early summer. I want him to have a few months to adjust to his new shared room and not feel like one day he was in his crib and the next day the baby came home and took over.

Since Sam’s room just got upgraded to big boy room last year, we are just going to add in the matching bed (remember that cool wagon wheel bed I painted red–there is second one!).

So outside of painting the bed and rearranging a bit, the only thing needed is bedding, and I want to match or coordinate!

While on Pinterest looking up inspiration pictures of shared kids rooms, I started noticing many people using zipper bedding. It may sound kind of ugly and sleeping-bag like, but these easy to make beds stay so neat. I knew I wanted some!

I love a made bed, but it was only in the last 5 years that I did it daily. I have zero expectations about my 2 and 4 year old’s room having a made bed and I’m not going to do it. But MAYBE if we add in the easy zip up method, they’ll think it’s cool and want to! I can dream, right?

On top of that, since Tom will be brand new in a big boy bed, this will prevent the covers falling off him to the ground.

So since I’ve been obsessing over them, the internet powers that be caught on and show me the ads constantly!

I checked out a few websites. And I realized the price point is crazy. Not to call out any brand in particular but the main one I found starts at $250 for a twin size…..

I researched DIY for a while and found only ONE person out there who has documented making their own. She makes it look….easy if I could sew well, doable if I’m honest and sew like a beginner. So, this spring I am dusting off my sewing machine and attempting to make two zipper bedding sets for the new shared room!

If I blog about here then I have to follow through, so sorry this is just a drea for now. But has anyone else heard of these or tried them?

Not only are they supposed to turn bed making into a breeze, and even fun, but I think it will help Tom as he learns to sleep in a big boy bed since his covers won’t fall to the ground. I am making mine very light weight, just a fitted sheet on bottom and a flat sheet on top with a very light blanket sewed in as lining.

You can zip yourself as much as as little as you want. So if you kids run hot they don’t have to be all bundled up like a sleeping bag. You can zip all the way down and vent the sides.

So far I think I am using these affordable and cute sheets so those will be the sides, the fitted sheet part, and probably the top. When you zip it open I want the inside panel to be either a pop of color or something fun for them.

I also found this zipper in 10 yards for a really good price. It should be enough to do two beds!

For maybe $60 a bed, I can dream of a room where my boys want to make their beds, right? It’s worth a shot!

children’s book review – The Velveteen Rabbit

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Last month I did a review of my 2 year old’s favorite bedtime story—Cowboy Small . Quick update–he still asks for it every night so I stand by the recommendation!

My 4 year old hasn’t had a favorite in a while; instead he picks something different every time usually with the request that it be a long one…anything to stay up a few extra minutes I guess!

Recently though he has really started taking a liking to The Velveteen Rabbit, which he got in his stocking at Christmas. And compared to Cowboy Small, I am actually pretty entertained with this one so I don’t mind reading it over and over.

It’s a long book and I know there are phrases and even whole pages and concepts that are flying right over his head. For example:

“The mechanical toys were very superior, and looked down upon every on else; they were full of modern ideas, and pretended they were real.”

“What is mechanical? What is superior? What is modern?” You can imagine a new 4 year old isn’t going to get every word. I also assume that he is thinking of looking down in the literal sense. But that’s okay. I don’t expect any child to fully understand every part of this book.

But, it IS a children’s book and he definitely knows what the story is about. It seems like he absolutely loves it!

He especially enjoys hearing from the wise old Skin Horse and likes the descriptions of the bunny burrowing all under the sheets when he sleeps in the boys bed. He has his own treasured stuffed deer he sort of likens to the rabbit.

The language is a little fluffy and extra descriptive but when that tear drops off the Velveteen Rabbit’s face and hits the ground only to spring up as a flower and then a magical fairy—Sam’s eyes get so wide!

Burning toys due to Scarlet Fever is tough for him. Just last night he said “That doctor is MEAN! Maybe they should burn HIM!” Yikes. He is definitely mad about the boy and his bunny being separated!

The book often takes us two nights to finish and this has me looking forward to the days I can read longer books over a course of many nights. Harry Potter will be several more years but I can see it now!

If you don’t have the sweet Velveteen Rabbit in your collection, I can’t recommend enough. I distinctly remember the pictures from the version my mom read to me, but I had forgotten some of the story and have really enjoyed it myself.

Bonus–it makes for a pretty cute addition to the Easter basket!

And if you have any other stories you have been hesitant to read to younger kids because the words and concepts are more difficult than say, Little Blue Truck (also great, just in another way!), I say go for it! I was really surprised that he took away the high points of the story and always loves snuggling his stuffed animal, who has all replacement limbs thanks to our dog, white I read it.

green nursery inspiration for #3

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In a little less than 7 months we will be welcoming baby #3 to our house! I’m already dreaming up a nursery and I am dreaming in emerald green…

I thought it would be fun to compare what I did for the other two and where my mindset is now.

Our first born was the only baby where we found out the gender while pregnant but even so I don’t think his room screamed boy. My design theme for his room included grey walls, a bright lime green couch and lots of pops of both black and white and primary colors.

I bought a ton of books I used as wall decor and made a DIY pennant from scrap fabric. I found a buffet on Facebook and gel stained it a deep brown to match his hardwood floor and crib.

My mother in law made a quilt that hung behind the changing area and barely pictured below is the sweet picture of our dog we had made for his room. I don’t know why I didn’t take great pictures of any of it, but it was such a cheerful room that we spent a ton of time in.

See below for the lived-in view of Sam’s bright and cheery nursery:

Our second baby was our first gender surprise! We also moved when I was around 4/5 months pregnant and it felt like we had a lot of other items to focus on (including big brother who was still a baby himself) other than nursery design.

We were still using our crib so I borrowed one, bought an old but comfy recliner from a friend, and decorated with a few existing items that hadn’t found a spot in the new home–a small mirror, giraffe figurine, lamp, etc. We re-used the furry rug from the last nursery but moved the bright green couch into our new (highly anticipated) play room. Yay for a place to hide all the toy clutter!

Because our new home had more space and we had the playroom, this nursery room hardly ever looked lived-in, although it was popular spot for the dog to sneak away and snooze during baby feeding time. It also came with that built in desk which was a no-brainer place to stick the changing pad!

Overall I think the effect was light and airy and gender neutral and I really liked it for the minimal effort. See below for Tom’s sweet and peaceful nursery:

As you can see it doesn’t even look like the same person decorated these rooms. The things I am drawn too change so often and usually with just a feel scrolls on Pinterest 🙂

As of right now, all I know for sure is that we need the next nursery (same room as Tom’s above) to be gender neutral, we are using Sam’s old brown crib and finally returning the borrowed white one, and….I want some deep GREEN!

I am almost positive I will be painting Sams’ old crib! I have researched a ton and it can be done safely and with a great impact. I think that is a cool color solution in a room where we can’t paint the walls.

So idea number one is a crib along the lines of this one you can actually buy already green:

Idea number two is a black and white DIY yarn hanging. I want something large scale on the wall behind the crib. Imagine something like this but not as nice because it will just be yarn that I tie on some kind of stick….I’m thinking a copper pipe. Can’t wait to try this and do a tutorial if it turns out cute!

I plan to re-use the black and white rug that was in Sam’s original nursery and reuse the comfy leather recliner from Tom’s nursery. I have this lamp in my Amazon cart and want to pull in other copper-tones throughout the room:

And finally I am obsessed with these crib sheets from Clementine Kids:

I am so excited to slowly start gathering things that will work in the new nursery. Hopefully my green and clementine and copper nursery will come together for #3!

Amazon scores

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I have decided to start a series on Amazon fashion finds. I love the thrill of the hunt for an inexpensive piece and I feel so proud when I find one that actually fits well and doesn’t fall apart!

I am one of those people that simply must tell you about my deals. If someone says “cute cardigan!” I feel compelled to say “thank you! SEVEN dollars on Amazon!”

I am going to do these just every so often–as I buy new Amazon things. For my first post I’ll just do a round up of some of my favorite finds!

  1. This flattering black jumpsuit. I ordered five black rompers and sent back all but this one for New Years Even two years ago. It fits true to size (I am wearing a medium) and the only change I made was to safety pin the neckline just a tad! Can’t beat that price.

2. This super cheap crushed velvet t shirt dress. I bought it with a sort of nineties vibe in mind then didn’t take the time to style it right for this NYE. I can’t wait to style it in the fall with a choker, tall boots and tights. I think I’ll be buying in other colors for that price. The reviews state to size way up. I am a medium and tried the xl and 2xl and decided to go with xl.

3. This dress. I think I wear this once week. It is so flattering and fitted where it should be and then flairs away in the right area. I have in the green and bright blue. I will buy more. Mine has faded slightly with wash but a dress that you actually LOVE and can wear to work or date night for under $25 is worth buying repeatedly. Fits very true to size-I am in a medium. Bonus Amazon find are those duck boots. I sized up one size and got the standard color, but they have a super cute leopard!

4. This cute comfy workout material hoodie. I am wearing a medium. Love that it’s just long enough to wear with leggings and also cute with jeans. My go-to for a day off work or day time movie theater trip, etc. Comes in tons of cute color combos and feels way nicer than under $20.

5. Next time I do a selfie session I’ll clean my mirror and fix my hair or something…Here is another favorite with leggings. This is a go-to soft and fuzzy tunic for winter car trips and I flew in it once. Cute with riding boots and a cross body bag. I love how long it is. I am in a medium. Another under $20 score!

So those are some of my favorite Amazon finds over the last year. There are two more in my closet I’m thinking of that are perfect for spring so I’ll share those next time with some new finds!

superhero and donut valentines – free printabes

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Since becoming a parent, one of my favorite things is making the little class Valentines to send to school. It’s one of the few times a year I feel like I can pull off Pinterest mom crafts!

Looking back over the Valentines Days we’ve had since having kids brings a smile to my face!

Last year Sam did opt for the tradtional style cardboard ones in the box (Spiderman) with stickers and I couldn’t deny him that…but this year he has not only been excited about the Valentines for his class—but he also came up with Tom’s.

Here are some treats from Valentine’s past:

My first kiddo Valentine! Pretty sure these were Aldi candy coins from Christmas marked down, ha!
Tom was 3 months old and Sam had just got over the flu..handwritten for the win.
This year I had Sam participate quite a bit but he tired of all the hearts and considered this a real pain lol

The amazing watercolor lables are from Smart School House

And these sweet colorful ones are from My Frugal Adventure

This year I tried my hand at making my own labels and they are available for you to print off as well! I took off my kids names and you can either add yours or let you kiddos sign. See the images at the end of the post!

First up are Sam’s Super Valentines! He is into all things super hero and dressing up in costume or mask. These colorful masks were a given and a steal on Amazon for under $9 for 24 of them. Bonus is we have some leftover for our love of dressing like superheros and it came with awesome stickers Sam will put to use.

They are surprisingly great quality too–a thick felt with stitching, little metal grommets, a nice string. I’m impressed. So on these Valentines were about $8 in compared to the $3 box of character but this mask should last the kids a while!

Anyway…here are the Super Valentines:

I love how there are so many bright colors—he has already been plotting which colors work best for which classmate. I am also a sucker for a non-food item (not hardcore though, as you’ll see when we get to Tom’s class
Valentine) mainly because my kids are sweet tooths and mow through candy like nobody’s business if I’m not careful. Then again so do I….

Tom isn’t quite verbal enough yet to put in a specific request. He does love Mickey Mouse….but he loves food more so these are kind of perfect for him. Sam had the idea of giving out donuts for Valentines.

Once he got his superhero option he quickly suggested the donuts for Tom instead. I chose chocolate because I was worried the white powder ones would look messy in the baggie. The chocolate option really doesn’t look great either but it will do.

Even cuter might be just getting the prepackaged tube of mini donuts OR picking up a bunch of nice donuts with sprinkles from a bakery and wrapping up one each.

So yes…we did sweets on that one. But if Tom’s friends play their cards right, they might be eating chocolate donuts for breakfast Feb 15th…

Get yours here–just copy the image and paste into a Word doc to print!

Do you guys ever do Pinterest-y Valentines? Let me know some of your favorites you’ve given or received!

If you want to pass any ideas along here are images ready to Pin! My blog is growing mainly on Pinterest so I appreciate all of your shares so much!