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My blog is officially a month old! I have loved every minute. I can’t say my laundry has been getting the attention it deserves because blogging after the boys go to bed is my new favorite hobby(…I seriously dream about having a laundry lady.)

Considering it had been 5 years since my last time blogging, I spent a few weeks prior to kicking this one off just reading up on tips for using WordPress and for creating images for Pinterest, etc. The amount of information out there is truly overwhelming.

I thought it would all be about coding and traffic but what I was really shocked by were the hundreds of posts about people just reporting that they were “earning 6 figures within a year” or the ones telling you how they “made $15,000 in their second month blogging.”

I’m sorry…..what?!

I am impressed by these people, really I am, but I would much rather read a post from someone who seems like less of a rare unicorn and more like a normal working mom just trying to learn how to blog a little and maybe make enough to cover diapers each month.

So….drumroll please. In my first month blogging I made $5.07! I really did. I made money blogging. Who would have thunk?! It’s a good thing I’ve enjoyed it along the way though because $5.07 barely gets you the tiny pack of Aldi diapers, ha!

I hate to say it, but I have no sound advice for you if you are here to learn about starting a successful blog. If you are here because you were curious about how my first month went or you are thinking of starting one yourself, I can confidently say you should just jump in.

One true tip–I use Bluehost for self-hosting and love that I get a free domain name with the deal. Don’t even quiz me too hard on what all that means….I am in the wing it phase! I have read about people accidentally paying for their domain name only to realize that once they signed up for a web hosting service it was included in the price…so don’t do that!

But Bluehost has been incredibly helpful to me as I occasionally mess up my page (see: wing it phase) and have to use their customer service chat. They always save the day! If you use my affiliate link below, you can sign up on the cheap and I can work towards another case of diapers…


Really though, thank you to anyone who has taken time to check out my blog. I am an English Literature major who used to take writing intensives as electives in college….and now I work at a bank. I love my job but writing isn’t exactly something I do much of anymore. I always found it to have stress-relieving qualities so this blog provides the outlet.

I plan to follow up to this post at my 2 month mark and I am having a little challenge for myself. I currently have 16 email subscribers and had right at 1500 page views for the month so I am shooting to double both!

To help me get there, sign up to subscribe via email if you’d like to be notified of new posts. Also you can share any of my posts that you like on Pinterest, FB Twitter, IG, you name it. Thanks again for reading and making me feel like a cool-kid blogger.

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  1. You’re so fun! I’ve always thought about blogging but didnt know if it would be put on the back burner. I love that yours are just little check-ins and not short novels! Now I can’t decide if I want to join the club.

    1. Some days I have to keep myself from the short novels haha. Other days I want to do all pictures! You should do it!! I used to in college then forgot about it for years but I am loving it

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