planting foil wrapped hydrangeas

I feel so proud of myself for keeping these alive as long as I have that I want to blog about it.

Hydrangeas are my very favorite flowers. Our first house had two massive hydrangea plants that I brought fresh flowers inside from for as long as I could. I was so spoiled by the huge mature plants that required nothing from me.

Our new house came with azaleas and magnolias a plenty, but no hydrangea 🙁

Last year I got in a propagation kick and tried them from cuttings. The people who bought our old house graciously allowed me to come over and snag 4 trimmings for my attempt. Sadly, 3 died immediately and one gave me a bloom the size of my pinky nail that I promptly freaked out about….and then it died.

Buying mature plants (like bush sized) and planting them is another option, but I have seen others do it and watched their plants die in their landscaping so I’ve been hesitant. Large hydrangeas aren’t cheap!

This spring at Aldi I picked up these pretties for $4.99 each

I kept them alive for over a month inside, which is really a feat for me. I would say it was going on 6 weeks when they started looking a little sad. I wasn’t able to keep them watered enough so I knew they were ready to ditch the foil.

This was a whole new thing for me, I usually allow my foil wrapped poinsettias to end up in such a crispy state by Dec 26th I just throw in the trash. But Easter and spring came and went and I knew these weren’t meant for the trash!

I put them all three in one large pot and watered like crazy. I mean multiple times a day–and some leaves still got very crispy. Sadly the color looks like it bleached out, but they are growing!

Below is day one, two weeks later, then a full month after potting:

I am so curious if the new blooms will come in colorful or the green color I have now. Speaking of new blooms…I just spotted all this growth and the little buds yesterday:


Now the only thing I’m confused about is what I do with this once it gets cold (if you know please tell me!). My hope is it can be transported into the ground eventually then I’ll start all over with more cheap foil hydrangeas for Easter next year 🙂

Mid Century Monday #5 – framing blueprints

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Summer is officially in full swing around here! So far that has meant a little less blogging, a lot more swimming!

This weekend we went swimming 3 times and Sam went from a death grip on my arm to floating around the deep end, going under without fear, and jumping in all by himself!

Well, with the help of his handy Puddle Jumper, which is an absolute favorite, must have summer floatie!

I learned the hard way last weekend that not all of these flotation devices are created equal and the one I picked up at Walgreens was truly worthless. I’m wondering will they take it back without a receipt otherwise it belongs in the trash!

Do yourself a favor and only go with the name brand Puddle Jumper  for your toddler and hopefully you’ll be as amazed as we were with the freedom it gives them! Sam was so comfortable that he was swimming little doggie paddle laps yesterday and saying “check out my moves” ha!

So…since my house is a little lived in this week and because I’ve been spending down time working on Sam’s new big boy room(sneak peak below), I am doing Mid Century Monday on my favorite wall art in
our home—our original blue prints!

Check them out:

The North, South, East, West elevation print in tan is actually my favorite, even though I was hung up onwanting it to be blue 🙂

We had all the framing done in UV protective glass to help with fade, but these were pretty banged up before we had them framed and the frame and matting seemed like a great way to save them from crumbling.


I was unsure on this decision but we went with a wood frame for the one hanging against brick and a sleek silver frame for the ones hanging against wood. This gives a nice contract and I love mixing metals (even colors of metals) as well as mixing materials in a home to avoid the matchy matchy feel.

I think they turned out awesome!

Now, maybe in the next few weeks I’ll be ready to show you Sam’s new room! Remember when I was anti-theme? I’ve come full circle and seem hung up on a space theme for now…I may change my mind yet!

Since I first posted about my desire for a Jenny Lind bed, my mom reminded me we have these awesome vintage twin beds from the 60’s. They were my dad’s and uncle’s, then my brother’s, then my cousin’s, and now they will be ours.

Painting the nooks and crannies (red, at Sam’s request) has been such a chore so far. I almost wish I had spray painted but it wouldn’t have been a great result.

I’ve learned that they have been raw wood, army green, baby blue, glossy black, and now our red. So I’ve been envisioning my grandma, mom, and aunt all going through the same process over the years for their kids’ rooms. Kind of cool to think of!


Until next time, everyone! Hope you are all enjoying summertime 🙂