trunk or treat times two

It took me a really long time to get on board with trunk or treats; I’m not going to lie. I think we can all agree that trick or treating on foot is slowly (and sadly) moving over into the category of “the good ole days.”

I remember going up and down the sidewalks of the neighborhood then ending up at my grandma’s house with all of my cousins to count out and sort our candy and begin the great candy swap that was about to ensue.

4 boxes of Dots for 2 Reese’s. DEAL.

While I’m on the subject… this whole “change Halloween to the last Saturday” fiasco and also the people pushing for towns to change Halloween around due to weather forecasts really have me thinking about
Halloweens growing up.

This may not be the most popular opinion…but I am in the camp of: Halloween is on Halloween. And here is why:

I get it. I have kids and I agree that it would be much more convenient to go out in 75 degree weather with clear skies over a Halloween when it’s calling for thunderstorms.

And for those on team “move Halloween to the last Saturday of Oct”—I get that too. We are full time working parents and weeknight Halloweens are a rushed experience, no doubt.

But here’s where I’m coming from—that’s life!

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows ( Halloween 1993! I was a red M&M.), sometimes its 90 degrees and sometimes you have to ruin your costume with a pesky coat.

Such is life.

But I don’t mean that in old, Grinchy “oh that’s life and you have to suffer mwahaha” kind of way.

I just mean that things pop up in life and things come along that change your plans. You can either whine about it, or make the most of it. You often find that the outcome is a happy surprise. Better than planned!

I personally think that those few stormy or snowy Halloweens make for the best memories.

Maybe you can only stand the rain for two houses so you throw an impromptu party for all the neighbors inside – cue The Monster Mash, please.

It might have to be that one Halloween night you all sit around a table and play card games in your costumes or tell ghost stories in the candlelight or cozy up with Hocus Pocus and chili.

My bet is, you actually may look back over a lifetime of Halloweens and remember these “less than perfect” nights even above all the rest. Because you were forced to do something different, something memorable.

If nothing else, I’m okay with my kids learning the life lesson of being disappointed, but making lemonade out of life’s lemons!

I am one to talk because I am super type A and have a hard time letting plans go or accepting that something isn’t going to go as  planned, but it IS something I work on.

I figure if all we do is change the date for them to make it easier…what are we teaching them about unexpected difficulties in life?

I digress…

So, as I said, Trunk or Treat isn’t necessarily my pick, but they are becoming the norm in my boys’ day so I’m trying to rock it because that’s life.

We participated in two this week and we will probably attend 2 or 3 more on Halloween! Whew!

I went all out for the trunk or treat at Sam’s school. So much so that I wasn’t feeling too inspired for my other trunk or treat (which took place first, otherwise I would have used the same stuff twice, it just wasn’t ready yet).

I still wanted to share our two outcomes in case it inspires any of you.
You’ll see the crafty version that takes some time and some hot glue and some glitter. And you’ll see the 5 minute version that turned out just fine!

The Wizard of Oz trunk or treat supplies can probably be found in your own home. Look how much of this I had lying around! You do have to spend some time putting it together, but this isn’t an expensive trunk by any means.

  • A large box (had on hand)
  • Green paint (had on hand, judging by the can it has lived in our home much longer than we have)
  • Green glitter ($5 ish at Walmart. Tom spilled on himself in the store, oh joy)
  • Yellow trash bags (had on hand)
  • Construction paper (had on hand)
  • Wooden post for sign (had leftover from my DIY shower curtain art)
  • Red shoes (had on hand)
  • Striped fabric (had on hand)
  • Foam or something to be the legs (had on hand)
  • Dowel rods or skewers (had on hand)
  • Green fabric (used my mom’s tree skirt, so she had on hand)
  • Optional: Field of poppies photo shoot wall (had on hand from sister’s wedding, lol)

IF you desire to dress up along with the trunk, there are SO many Wizard of Oz character options that are easy to whip up.

I personally wanted my crazy boys to be the flying monkeys (because, fitting) and made their wings from painted fairy wings and hot glued feathers.

Finally, there is the trunk you can make from your own current front porch décor! I loaded up all of our pumpkins, my lanterns, and a mum as well as the green tree skirt used above and a string of battery- operated lights from the play room.

I DID add a sign that said “Welcome Great Pumpkin” because I am a sucker for all Peanuts holiday specials, but it fell flat without a few ghosts or a moon or snoopy. Oh well. We had a participating trunk!

I found so many ideas for trunk or treats that I am looking forward to doing it again! I may be coming around to the idea after all.

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween! If it rains on us, I hope we all find the silver lining!

pumpkin patch days

This month I had the privilege of attending my three year old, Sam’s, pumpkin patch field trip…and my mind just keeps going back to it.

Nothing spectacular happened,( it was even a little exhausting at times
trying to make sure we had eyes on all the preschoolers!), but I was still left with the feeling that I know these days are fleeting.

I have found myself wondering lately–how many more pumpkin patch days do I have with my kids before life rushes us along to the next stage? At ages 2 and 3, joy at the pumpkin patch is so easy to come by.

Finding THE BEST pumpkin?! Riding a trailer out in to a field!? Sliding down slides and eating cookies with spider web rings on top and wallering around in corn kernels?!

What more could a child want?

What more could a parent want, really, than being in this happy, innocent moment of life when the pumpkin patch is the epitome of happiness.

It dawned on me as we got back home and this exhausted little boy crashed for a nap that I may only do this 4 or 5 more times before it’s no longer considered the best day ever, to him. After a few more trips on that trailer, we might never go again.

There are truly so few pumpkin patch days, and I don’t just mean the ones in October.

This works for all of those magical seasons I tend to get wrapped up in.
Isn’t is crazy how few Halloweens and how few Easter Egg Hunts and how very few Christmas Eve nights with the belief of Santa Claus hanging in the air that we get to experience with our children?

The days are long, yes. The nights are long at times, oh yes. But the seasons are so few.

I can’t help feeling that time is flying by me, and I’ll wake up one morning to kids who may have no desire to go to the pumpkin patch. I’ll just buy them at Aldi :0

That’s a touch dramatic, but still. Magic days are numbered.

I think this is the reason I am so into all things holiday and festive. Be it  Santa Claus, dying eggs, carving pumpkins, green St. Patricks Day lunches,
even pictures in the cotton fields … They are seasons that come and go.

They are so measurable I feel like I must drink it all in, document it, savor it.

I once went outside in the cold, after my kids were asleep, to build a snowman. Because I knew the snow would melt by the time we got home from work and daycare the following evening. And I needed them to have a snowman. It may have been the only time that winter they got one!

It felt a little crazy at the time, but I see now that it was a season that could be gone too soon. Tom’s first and only winter where he could sit but not walk. Sam’s last winter to fit inside the makeshift sled I made from a Rubbermaid container…

Of course, I know there are amazing things to look forward to with older children. Our days won’t be lesser then, just different than they are now. I do look forward to every stage. Plus, I fully intend to make my children sit down with us and carve a pumpkin every year anyway, ha!

I write this all out not because I’m sad about it (okay… maybe I am a little), but mainly because I think we can all, myself included, use a reminder to stop for a moment.

Skip the time out and skip the scolding in some of those lovely moments with toddlers, skip the nap (super hard for me!), eat the cookies for breakfast, make a mess, and enjoy the season.

Whichever one we are in.



We’re going to do pumpkin patch round 2 with both kids this week– bonus for this season and this mama!

Canvas Factory review (and giveaway!)

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

I so rarely get professional photos taken of my kids. Probably because the iPhone is in my hand most of the time and I always snap quick pictures that way.

And here lately because getting them to pose for a picture feels impossible!

But this year I finally  got my act together and booked a photo shoot for the boys for cotton pictures. I don’t think there are many backdrops in nature prettier than a bright white cotton field, so the rolling combines this October kicked me into gear and we got it done!

The only doubt I had in my mind was about my feisty little red head. And even though the photographer was excellent with them and very talented, Tom still managed to look like he was posing for toddler mug shots.

The struggle is real. I do have a picture of them both smiling….from a few MONTHS ago….but it isn’t great quality. I suppose the idea is to capture who they are at this point in time, so picture perfect isn’t the likely option for almost 2 and 3.5, but a girl can dream right?

Anyway…I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to receive a free canvas from Canvas Factory (in exchange for my honest review) and it was the perfect timing to order a large canvas of our cotton shoot, smiles or not.

Keep reading for my review and for information on how one of my readers will also win a code for a free canvas print from Canvas Factory!


The first thing I noticed about Canvas Factory was the extreme ease of use on their website. It was super user friendly to hop onto and get started.

I selected the 20×16 and uploaded a shot of both boys where Tom looks less angry and more like a moody model, which may be what he was going for all along…

I used their tool to preview it and opted for the mirror image feature on the sides so I didn’t have to use up any of the actual image in the canvas wrapping process. I wouldn’t recommend doing a mirror image of a face or anything like that, but it wasn’t obvious with the cotton.

It arrived very quickly (same week–I’m talking 5 days after I ordered, it was in my kitchen). And it arrived in perfect shape. The quality may not photograph as clearly as it could, so I’m not sure if you can tell here,  but it looks great!

Hopefully you can see what I meant by “mirror image” wrap option in the photo above. The edges aren’t a part of the original image, just a mirror image of it so I didn’t have to forfeit any image to the wrapping process.

The canvas corners were very tight and neat. I have ordered from other companies before where the corners are folded messy and look…thick…if you can envision that. It’s kind of like comparing professional wrapping jobs to my wrapping jobs.

A nice feature is the finished back so that the canvas is more protected. My other canvas prints from other companies are just open in the back, and if you were to press against it the canvas would show that indent on the front side.

Another extra touch is that the hanging hardware comes already attached (not the case for the last canvas I ordered elsewhere).

Overall, I am so pleased with my new canvas from Canvas Factory and do not have any cons to report. Considering this is my first product review, I really did inspect the product and consider the process before I delivered my verdict…but I can’t hide that it’s a glowing review.

The speedy shipping, finished back with attached hardware, and the quality won me over so they are my new go-to for printing canvas. I can’t wait to try out some of the other products on their site!

If you would like to be entered into my drawing to win a free canvas with free shipping, here are the rules below. Bonus–this makes an awesome Christmas present!

To qualify to win you need to first be a subscriber to my blog.

You can find the “subscribe via email” option on the right side if you are on a computer or at the bottom if you are on your phone. Don’t worry, it’s only about 2 emails a week notifying you of a new post!

If you already subscribe, you’re good 🙂

Once you are a subscriber, you have a chance to put in 3 entries! You may opt to do 1, 2 or all 3 for up to 3 entries into the Canvas Factory giveaway. The options are:

  1. Share this giveaway post from my Mid Century Mom Blog Facebook page 
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The contest runs for 2 weeks, so you have until midnight on Tuesday, Nov 6th to get those entries in!


mom blog update with giveaway info

I can’t believe I started this blog 7 months ago! I just recently had a little win that made me feel like a boss blogger  so I wanted to do an update. I can’t wait to tell you guys about it…. a GIVEAWAY is involved!

A little back story:

For years and years I had been intrigued by the idea of blogging, especially as a side hustle. I did a few blogs for fun back in 2009-2011 ish but they weren’t self hosted and I didn’t really understand the potential of self hosting at that time.

For those of you who are like “uh, what??” — the difference is that you must pay to self host but you also have to option to use your blog as a platform to earn. On the other hand, with a hosted blog you are up and running for free but you cannot monetize.

So after almost pulling the trigger so many times, in late March 2018 I decided it’s something I would enjoy whether it made a dime or not and I started Mid Century Mom Blog.


You guys remember when I posted about having earned about $5?!  I was SO excited that this really could be a small revenue stream to add to my Dave Ramsey snowball.

Well, in May, Amazon Associates (the affiliate program I use) emailed me and shut down my account because the blog didn’t feature enough original content. Ouch! I even lost my little $5.

I really wish I had stuck with blogging these last 7 months, but I slacked off big time June-Sept. I have to admit that Amazon  Associates rejection just bummed me out.

Lately I have reminded myself that those people who make hundreds and thousands of dollars a month by blogging are the exception, not the rule. They also don’t give up on their blogs after 3 months, I would assume.

Anyway, this is me jumping back into something that I really like. Of course I am still intrigued by blogging success stories and will always try to emulate those amazing blogs.  One day I might generate a viral Pin or a bunch of followers and then I may actually get to call my blog a side hustle!

For now, I am hoping to make back the money I invested in this blog. $65.40 for one year.

You might be wondering, how does a blog make money? Well, typically 4 ways:

  1. Affiliate links -Some of the links in my posts take you to a product I am recommending or reviewing, etc. There is often an agreement between myself and that company that I can earn a small commission for driving traffic their way if it results in a sale. The commissions vary depending on which affiliate program you use. I decided to try a second time around with Amazon!
  2. Ads – There are many different advertising options for a blog that will pay a few cents for clicks or even views. My blog sees a very modest amount of traffic so I haven’t explored this option yet.
  3. Selling a product or service – This isn’t the route I am going right now but many bloggers sell training and informational e-books, coaching services, or physical products.
  4. Sponsored posts – Companies will pay or provide their product for free in exchange for a review of their product.

I am excited to let you guys know that I have the opportunity for a sponsored post! I get to review a canvas  I receive for free from an online canvas company and I just placed my order today! Once it’s in, I will do a blog post all about the product and then offer a free canvas courtesy of the company to one of my readers!

With the canvas being worth roughly $45 and my second attempt at Amazon associates ringing in at $6.24, my little blog has technically earned me $51.24. Less than $15 away from breaking even 🙂

If you are interested in the canvas giveaway, please subscribe to my blog as the first step to be eligible to win. If you have already subscribed, awesome!

I will be announcing the rest of the criteria in an upcoming post (it won’t be hard! just asking for a share or a pin 🙂 ) But I wanted yall to subscribe now so you won’t miss the official giveaway rules.

PS- See “subscribe to blog via email” on the right hand side. Subscribing to my blog  simply means you will receive an email when I post. This is roughly 2-3 times a week, so it won’t be crazy spam or anything like that.

Thanks for reading!

a trend i’m loving-educational charts

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Amid the constant indecision over Sam’s big boy room, I stumbled across the trend of using vintage (or, let’s be real about what I’m willing to spend—vintage inspired) educational charts and pull down maps as wall art.

Are you guys tired of reading about wall art? I apparently don’t tire of writing about it. I’ve always thought a home looks incomplete without stuff on the walls!

I scoured Etsy for the real deal vintage charts to inspire me and because they are just fun to look at! If money were no object, it’s safe to say that I’d drop a pretty penny on one of these things because I can’t get enough.

Check out these unique and cool pieces:

This rocket!! Swoon!


image 0

The mathematics ones are cool for those of you who (like me!) struggle with committing to a theme or style. It’s almost like abstract art or minimalist.

image 0

Why am I so drawn to these chickens?! Honestly this would not fit into my home or in any decorating effort I’ve ever made but it might be my favorite! And this is coming from someone with an irrational fear of birds..

You know we can’t have enough bull-related items in our home, thanks to Tom!

image 0


I could just see the seaweed  or starfish chart in a swanky beach house and the chickens in a farm house kitchen. The rocket is so cool for a boy room or a sleek apartment with stainless everywhere! I love every botanical  I come across and even the mathematical options are great.

The majority of these examples are upwards of several hundred dollars. So I turned to my good friend Amazon and found some pretty neat reproductions. And after a lot of back and forth, I placed the Amazon order!

Sam’s room includes these two options:



Amazon really offered tons of subject matter options–ranging from eye charts to outer outer space.

Perfect, in my opinion, for punchy kid room décor!

PS – boy mom mode over here, but to anyone with a girl these butterflies are so sweet and timeless. They would look just as great in a nursery as they would for an adult and I love art like that.


themed gifting

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I know it’s only October 8th….but I am WAY behind if I want to reach my goal of all Christmas shopping completed by Nov 1! I say this is my goal, and it always is, but setting it for Nov 1 means I usually finish around Thanksgiving…eh maybe Cyber Monday.

Either way, I love allowing myself the flexibility to go past the goal instead of scrounging around the week before Christmas when I could be spending time with friends and family. I know you all know that December is just SO busy! If I can avoid shopping that month by shopping now, I am allll about it.

I’m just about finished with the kids, but I am always left struggling with what to get most of the adults in my life and that includes spouse, siblings, parents, in-laws, friends, teachers, coworkers etc. I’ve got quite a few on my list and only great ideas for about 3 of them…

I have been drawn to, but never accomplished, the idea of an underlying theme of all gifts you give that Christmas. Last year I began but didn’t follow through with the idea of books. I gifted some coffee table books, fiction, historical, cook books. Instead of wondering what in the world do I get this person, you just determine what book would they like best.

In theory, I could have spent one long afternoon in a bookstore with a coffee browsing every section until I left with a mountain of books perfect for each on my list AND my shopping complete.

In reality it wasn’t super easy because I struggled with a book costing less than I would spend on that person, so I still needed to find more ideas. But, it helped  for at least one of their gifts.

This year I once again feel stuck halfway through the list. An idea of making it easy with an underlying theme may be gone since I’ve bought things here and there, but I thought I’d ramble about it here for a bit in the event it inspires others!

These were my thoughts while watching my kids fight/play with each other during bath:

Experiences  – Sometimes I am super minimalist, so the thought of giving an amazing gift that isn’t stuff is exciting. Think tickets to a favorite play, a concert, a sporting event, a trip (like our Ireland trip present we can never ever top). Or maybe passes to the zoo, an art museum, one of those cool traveling exhibits. For the hardest person to shop for on your list, even a gift card to the movie theater is  nice. I love gifting those because seeing the movies is becoming cost prohibitive if you want to eat or take the whole fam!

Drinkware – So o the surface this sounds really lame. But from browsing gift ideas, I’ve come across so many neat glasses for all different needs, budgets, and styles. These fun Bloody Mary glasses are what got me thinking.
Ideas are countless in drinkware from a set of  trendy new wine glasses to a nice large liquor decanter or wine carafe. You can find really neat vintage glassware. Corkcicle and Yeti make nice gifts.  For those gifts where you planned to spend a little less there are  coffee mugs, copper moscow mule mugs,or these affordable stainless steel cups.


Art/framed photo – I know I’ve said it before, but I like things that hang on the wall. This could be a framed photo of the grandkids, a cool vintage print you find while out thrifting, a saying, something related to their favorite sports team, etc. You can frame so many meaningful things like heirloom scarfs, needlework, tea towels or letters.

Coats/Jackets – also may sound a little silly as a theme but I can’t think of a single person on my list who wouldn’t enjoy a sherpa pullover or patagonia jacket or vest as a gift….

Is it weird that I like the idea of all the packages looking the same too :0

I honestly think I like this idea because of The Family Stone, one of my favorite Christmas movies. She finds a photo, blows it up and frames it 4 or 5 times, all exactly the same. She hands everyone an identical box and bam. It was a great gift!

Anyway….is it time for Christmas movies yet 🙂 🙂 🙂





morning music for you AND the kids

When our oldest was around 10 months old and it came time for his first Halloween, I can remember being a little surprised at the amount of people who were dressing up their young babies as the baby’s “favorite” cartoon character. We honestly did not watch any TV with him at that age and it seemed foreign to me that he would even enjoy it, much less have favorite shows and characters!

Flash forward a year and my second child absolutely watched TV daily and had clear favorite shows by that age. Probably younger! Maybe it was his older brother’s influence or maybe I realized there was no point in holding out. Most likely it was the fact that having 2 kids under 2 can require some distractions and TV is a click of a button away.

I am not here to tell you that any amount of TV is the perfect amount, that a certain age is the perfect age, or anything like that because I just don’t know. We do what we have to do to raise our kids and that’s that…no judgment here!

I AM here to tell you that my two struggle with listening/following directions and overall with having a nice attitude when they watch too much of it. During Sam’s terrible twos there were a few weeks here
and there where we felt the need to do a hard reset of his habits and cut the screen out all together for some time.

The more I read about it and the more we experimented, he really did seem to have an easier time potty training, at daycare, and with us during those “resets”.

But….this is the real world we live in and we weren’t looking to cut TV out 100%. I love family movie night and holiday specials and Disney so let’s not get carried away 🙂

I started to try no morning cartoons (not counting weekends, real world here, yall). So instead of the boys eating their granola bars and drinking milk in front of the TV we moved to, gasp, a table! How bad is it that we weren’t already eating breakfast at the table?! Hopefully you guys can relate but honestly what would moms from 50 years ago think of me…yikes.

It was such a pleasant change that I kept it up and we have been morning TV free for 3-4 months. They go straight to the table now! They don’t even stop for a moment in front of the family room and whine for a cartoon. Funny how quickly kids fall into a new habit—good or bad.

And since the TV never comes on, there is no dragging kids away from the TV and no kids moving at the speed of a slug to get their backpack or go brush teeth or put shoes on. No fits when it’s time to turn it off. Less rushing out the door. Less aggravated mommy.

It. Is. So. Nice.

Here is what keeps them (and me) entertained now—music! We sing, dance, learn new songs. Music is so feel good and they both are enjoying it! My not yet two year old will yell “Awewah! Awewah!” (Alexa, our Amazon Echo) in between songs because he is so ready for the next one!

I seriously dance around my kitchen with my kids every single morning and it makes me happy. Way happier than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on repeat, let me tell you. And while they eat I pack lunch or empty the dishwasher or whatever it may be. I don’t have to wonder about them because instead of being in the next room with the TV, they are at the table or with me in the kitchen dancing.

This was a game changer!

Because I can only handle so much “Let It Go,” I have them listening to regular music and usually not kid designated stuff. So if you want your morning jam sessions to lift your mood as well as theirs, here is our
current mix of options that won’t drive you nuts:

Bread and Butter – The New Beats ( my kids did learn this from a WalMart commercial, so yes, we still watch plenty of TV lol)

Happy – Pharrell Williams

September – Earth Wind and Fire

Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts (sorry to whoever sang this first– they like the Cars version)

Blackbird – The Beatles (oh the irony that this is also from a TV–their fav movie Baby Boss and now adopted bedtime song)

No Rain – Blind Melon

Watermelon Crawl – this is a wild card I guess but a favorite at our house

Thunder – Imagine Dragons

I’m A Believer – The Monkees (Or Smash Mouth, but I’ll take the Monkees!)

Forever and Ever Amen – Randy Travis

Africa – I am liking the Wheezer cover!

Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader

The Sign – Ace of Base

And FYI I am a lover of all things holiday so this month we’ll add The Monster Mash, Thriller, and I Put a Spell on You, obviously.

Leave me a comment on your or your kid’s favorites!

framed shower curtain art

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

When I was pregnant with Tom, we moved into our existing home and his nursery wasn’t high on the list of things that needed sprucing up.

For one, we didn’t find out his gender, so I was a little stuck on nursery decor. And for two, the gorgeous mid century tongue and groove walls in 98% of our house didn’t seem to go with anything “baby.” I think it was just in my head, but the super high ceilings and wood walls always felt too “grown up” to work with children’s room decor.

Now after living with them for a while, they are just our walls. They don’t feel adult or young, they are just what I am used to. They are not, however, the blank canvas that drywall is because I can’t (or don’t want to) paint them and I can’t cover them with wallpaper.

Enter the need for pretty large scale art to punch up the fun factor in Tom’s room!

Since those new house days we not only learned that Tom was a boy but we learned he is a rough and tumble kind of kid who has been drawn to rodeo, horses, and most farm animals for quite a while now. I decided his room spruce-up for his 2nd birthday could go along the lines of a western theme!

Now, I’m not done with said sprucing yet (you know I’ll blog about it when I am!) but I did attempt a project that I am pretty pleased with–a framed shower curtain!

Of course I have a photo bomber, but you get the picture–it’s large! And, it cost me under $30. I’ll show you how I did it below!

First you need to pick out a shower curtain. There are countless options on Amazon and that’s where I found our horse.  Don’t ask me why but I have been eyeing this awesome design as well.

Who knew there was such an array of shower curtains that could double as art!  DO check the reviews because this one was pretty thin. Keep reading to see how I made it work 🙂

Next up, make your frame!  I found a big bundle of long 1.5″ x .5″  wood at Lowes for just under $7. Mine is roughly 5 feet by 5 feet so I needed it cut to:

4 pieces – 60 inches

2 pieces – 61 inches

(They cut it for free!)

The two support pieces and two sides are 60 inch. The two 61 inch pieces go on the two outer sides. Mine was not perfect. See here I had to use a paint stick where I was short…improv!

You have to put this thing together…and it was my least favorite part. I thought I’d use hardware on hand but I kept stripping screws since I didn’t take the time for pilot holes. I cannot advise you on the simple way to do this because I made it harder than needed….but I know it would be easy for many people!

Once you figure that frame out, it’s easy to lay it over the shower curtain and get to stapling! Do be sure that you have steamed or ironed away the wrinkles first.

Now….you may find that your shower curtain was so thin the whole frame is visible…so ideally you would look into this before stapling.

However, you can always go buy a sheet from Goodwill and shimmy it into the frame as a liner. It’s not perfect, but it helped a ton! And, now I know how to approach my next shower curtain art!

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by my little project. It’s not perfect, but it is the same price as most 11×14 options out there….so I call it a win!


Mid Century Monday #6 – Sam’s Room

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Well….taking a little summer break turned into taking a big summer break. One minute I was a blogging machine and the next minute it was staying light til 9pm and we were swimming and playing and then I blinked and it was rodeo week and then the beach annnnd now it’s October 1st.

And I have missed blogging! There have been so many projects and MCM finds over the summer that I have put in the back of my mind for a blog post so it’s time I get back to it.

Last I blogged I was really close to revealing Sam’s new room. Since then I have allowed Sam’s new room to hang out at 90% completion. However, when I look back at the “before” picture (see below), I like where we are now!

The before. Functional bedroom, some art not pictured here but still fairly bland. See how the small art on the wall feels dwarfed? Biggest pet peeve!

Now here are the in progress shots:

You’d think I could have made the bed here. Instead I guess I just tossed the blanket over the messed up sheets. I can’t go back now guys…that plant in the corner died last month so this half-hearted bed making is frozen in time. Whoops!

I’m a huge fan of how these awesome affordable dinosaurs double as toys and decor. This is where they stand, as little knick-knacks but they are also easily accessible for fun.


And here is as far as we got..I added a fun garland and a white banner I intended to write some funny or cheeky message on. In reality I’m just not as cool as those people who can write “Oh Yeah.” or “Awe-some” in their cute kid rooms. It just felt weird!

Sam has a suggestion…. drum roll please:


And the more I think about it…I’m not completely against the banner saying “No Grinches.”