framed shower curtain art

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When I was pregnant with Tom, we moved into our existing home and his nursery wasn’t high on the list of things that needed sprucing up.

For one, we didn’t find out his gender, so I was a little stuck on nursery decor. And for two, the gorgeous mid century tongue and groove walls in 98% of our house didn’t seem to go with anything “baby.” I think it was just in my head, but the super high ceilings and wood walls always felt too “grown up” to work with children’s room decor.

Now after living with them for a while, they are just our walls. They don’t feel adult or young, they are just what I am used to. They are not, however, the blank canvas that drywall is because I can’t (or don’t want to) paint them and I can’t cover them with wallpaper.

Enter the need for pretty large scale art to punch up the fun factor in Tom’s room!

Since those new house days we not only learned that Tom was a boy but we learned he is a rough and tumble kind of kid who has been drawn to rodeo, horses, and most farm animals for quite a while now. I decided his room spruce-up for his 2nd birthday could go along the lines of a western theme!

Now, I’m not done with said sprucing yet (you know I’ll blog about it when I am!) but I did attempt a project that I am pretty pleased with–a framed shower curtain!

Of course I have a photo bomber, but you get the picture–it’s large! And, it cost me under $30. I’ll show you how I did it below!

First you need to pick out a shower curtain. There are countless options on Amazon and that’s where I found our horse.  Don’t ask me why but I have been eyeing this awesome design as well.

Who knew there was such an array of shower curtains that could double as art!  DO check the reviews because this one was pretty thin. Keep reading to see how I made it work 🙂

Next up, make your frame!  I found a big bundle of long 1.5″ x .5″  wood at Lowes for just under $7. Mine is roughly 5 feet by 5 feet so I needed it cut to:

4 pieces – 60 inches

2 pieces – 61 inches

(They cut it for free!)

The two support pieces and two sides are 60 inch. The two 61 inch pieces go on the two outer sides. Mine was not perfect. See here I had to use a paint stick where I was short…improv!

You have to put this thing together…and it was my least favorite part. I thought I’d use hardware on hand but I kept stripping screws since I didn’t take the time for pilot holes. I cannot advise you on the simple way to do this because I made it harder than needed….but I know it would be easy for many people!

Once you figure that frame out, it’s easy to lay it over the shower curtain and get to stapling! Do be sure that you have steamed or ironed away the wrinkles first.

Now….you may find that your shower curtain was so thin the whole frame is visible…so ideally you would look into this before stapling.

However, you can always go buy a sheet from Goodwill and shimmy it into the frame as a liner. It’s not perfect, but it helped a ton! And, now I know how to approach my next shower curtain art!

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by my little project. It’s not perfect, but it is the same price as most 11×14 options out there….so I call it a win!


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