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Since becoming a parent, one of my favorite things is making the little class Valentines to send to school. It’s one of the few times a year I feel like I can pull off Pinterest mom crafts!

Looking back over the Valentines Days we’ve had since having kids brings a smile to my face!

Last year Sam did opt for the tradtional style cardboard ones in the box (Spiderman) with stickers and I couldn’t deny him that…but this year he has not only been excited about the Valentines for his class—but he also came up with Tom’s.

Here are some treats from Valentine’s past:

My first kiddo Valentine! Pretty sure these were Aldi candy coins from Christmas marked down, ha!
Tom was 3 months old and Sam had just got over the flu..handwritten for the win.
This year I had Sam participate quite a bit but he tired of all the hearts and considered this a real pain lol

The amazing watercolor lables are from Smart School House

And these sweet colorful ones are from My Frugal Adventure

This year I tried my hand at making my own labels and they are available for you to print off as well! I took off my kids names and you can either add yours or let you kiddos sign. See the images at the end of the post!

First up are Sam’s Super Valentines! He is into all things super hero and dressing up in costume or mask. These colorful masks were a given and a steal on Amazon for under $9 for 24 of them. Bonus is we have some leftover for our love of dressing like superheros and it came with awesome stickers Sam will put to use.

They are surprisingly great quality too–a thick felt with stitching, little metal grommets, a nice string. I’m impressed. So on these Valentines were about $8 in compared to the $3 box of character but this mask should last the kids a while!

Anyway…here are the Super Valentines:

I love how there are so many bright colors—he has already been plotting which colors work best for which classmate. I am also a sucker for a non-food item (not hardcore though, as you’ll see when we get to Tom’s class
Valentine) mainly because my kids are sweet tooths and mow through candy like nobody’s business if I’m not careful. Then again so do I….

Tom isn’t quite verbal enough yet to put in a specific request. He does love Mickey Mouse….but he loves food more so these are kind of perfect for him. Sam had the idea of giving out donuts for Valentines.

Once he got his superhero option he quickly suggested the donuts for Tom instead. I chose chocolate because I was worried the white powder ones would look messy in the baggie. The chocolate option really doesn’t look great either but it will do.

Even cuter might be just getting the prepackaged tube of mini donuts OR picking up a bunch of nice donuts with sprinkles from a bakery and wrapping up one each.

So yes…we did sweets on that one. But if Tom’s friends play their cards right, they might be eating chocolate donuts for breakfast Feb 15th…

Get yours here–just copy the image and paste into a Word doc to print!

Do you guys ever do Pinterest-y Valentines? Let me know some of your favorites you’ve given or received!

If you want to pass any ideas along here are images ready to Pin! My blog is growing mainly on Pinterest so I appreciate all of your shares so much!

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