green nursery inspiration for #3

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In a little less than 7 months we will be welcoming baby #3 to our house! I’m already dreaming up a nursery and I am dreaming in emerald green…

I thought it would be fun to compare what I did for the other two and where my mindset is now.

Our first born was the only baby where we found out the gender while pregnant but even so I don’t think his room screamed boy. My design theme for his room included grey walls, a bright lime green couch and lots of pops of both black and white and primary colors.

I bought a ton of books I used as wall decor and made a DIY pennant from scrap fabric. I found a buffet on Facebook and gel stained it a deep brown to match his hardwood floor and crib.

My mother in law made a quilt that hung behind the changing area and barely pictured below is the sweet picture of our dog we had made for his room. I don’t know why I didn’t take great pictures of any of it, but it was such a cheerful room that we spent a ton of time in.

See below for the lived-in view of Sam’s bright and cheery nursery:

Our second baby was our first gender surprise! We also moved when I was around 4/5 months pregnant and it felt like we had a lot of other items to focus on (including big brother who was still a baby himself) other than nursery design.

We were still using our crib so I borrowed one, bought an old but comfy recliner from a friend, and decorated with a few existing items that hadn’t found a spot in the new home–a small mirror, giraffe figurine, lamp, etc. We re-used the furry rug from the last nursery but moved the bright green couch into our new (highly anticipated) play room. Yay for a place to hide all the toy clutter!

Because our new home had more space and we had the playroom, this nursery room hardly ever looked lived-in, although it was popular spot for the dog to sneak away and snooze during baby feeding time. It also came with that built in desk which was a no-brainer place to stick the changing pad!

Overall I think the effect was light and airy and gender neutral and I really liked it for the minimal effort. See below for Tom’s sweet and peaceful nursery:

As you can see it doesn’t even look like the same person decorated these rooms. The things I am drawn too change so often and usually with just a feel scrolls on Pinterest 🙂

As of right now, all I know for sure is that we need the next nursery (same room as Tom’s above) to be gender neutral, we are using Sam’s old brown crib and finally returning the borrowed white one, and….I want some deep GREEN!

I am almost positive I will be painting Sams’ old crib! I have researched a ton and it can be done safely and with a great impact. I think that is a cool color solution in a room where we can’t paint the walls.

So idea number one is a crib along the lines of this one you can actually buy already green:

Idea number two is a black and white DIY yarn hanging. I want something large scale on the wall behind the crib. Imagine something like this but not as nice because it will just be yarn that I tie on some kind of stick….I’m thinking a copper pipe. Can’t wait to try this and do a tutorial if it turns out cute!

I plan to re-use the black and white rug that was in Sam’s original nursery and reuse the comfy leather recliner from Tom’s nursery. I have this lamp in my Amazon cart and want to pull in other copper-tones throughout the room:

And finally I am obsessed with these crib sheets from Clementine Kids:

I am so excited to slowly start gathering things that will work in the new nursery. Hopefully my green and clementine and copper nursery will come together for #3!

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