Mid Century Monday #1 St. Charles Kitchen

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I have decided to start a series! Each Monday I’ll be doing a Mid Century inspired post including anything from house tours, furniture pieces, artwork, or anything else MCM.

To kick it off, here is a shoot of our kitchen (thank you to my sister and her skills — AmandaKnonerPhotography on IG).

I opted to keep all the doors shut because of my mess of cups and dishes, but the inside of these custom St. Charles Cabinets are just as cool. Pull out drawers, built in lazy-susans, a locking liquor cabinet, vertical slots to store cookie sheets….you name it!

Underneath the top cabinets are built in lights. I just love everything about these metal cabinets!

We even busted out the old blueprints. Hope you enjoy our funky kitchen:

okay I took this one if you can’t tell! Wanted to include the high ceiling in a shot!

Back to the professional…



Side note: our stainless has never looked so clean but this stuff shined it right up and seems to be repelling my kids grimy little fingers pretty well this week!  I am really impressed with it…maybe I should buff the stainless more often! I did not have time to clean the floors, so that’s a different story…

I plan to slowly reveal more rooms in our house but will also be taking submissions if anyone has anything they’d like to be featured in an upcoming Mid Century Monday. Please contact me if so!

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9 thoughts on “Mid Century Monday #1 St. Charles Kitchen”

    1. thank you! i would have never thought to put in bright cabinets but now that I have lived with them, I love them. The kitchen is so cheery

  1. Great kitchen but just to clarify – these are your original 1956 cabinets in their original color, right? (You say you would “never have thought to put in bright cabinets” so I’m wondering if bought these second hand and painted them, perhaps. Anyway, they look great. And so does your blog. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! Yes, these are original to the house and original in color as far as we know. I meant I just never would have thought to put together such a kitchen (like the original owners did) because I am used to wood or maybe white cabinets 🙂 But I love it!

      1. Thanks for your reply and clarification! I grew up in a 1956 storybook ranch (my dad still lives there) and the cupboards were/are a maple-y wood. I’d keep them for sure – but I do secretly envy people with painted steel cabinets. They’re pretty cool.

  2. Love it. I would love to see photos of all the cool interior cabinet features you mentioned!

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