Mid Century Monday #4 – master bedroom

Happy Monday everyone! We stayed so busy this weekend I can hardly believe it’s Monday already.

Despite the rain, we enjoyed taking the boys to the new hibachi restaurant, going up to Cape to visit with the boys’ cousin from Atlanta, playing at a cowboy birthday party complete with bounce house, and going to more cousins’ pond for kayaking, fishing and hot tubbing for my mom’s birthday. We all slept good last night!

Speaking of sleeping…the master bedroom is on display for this week’s Mid Century Monday! Check it out:

That’s an old picture of Sam but it highlights the brick as a headboard look we have going on. I have considered adding a headboard before but hate to cover the brick!

The sconce lighting had been on my wish list since we moved in. Because the windows on either side of the bed are actually sliding doors (with sliding screens as well that I LOVE for sleeping when it’s the right weather for leaving windows open), there isn’t much room for night stands. We have some that do fit, but they don’t leave room for lamps. So, Travis got me these sconces for Christmas and I just love them!

Here it is with them turned on. Also that is our favorite wedding photo on canvas 🙂

And now for one of my favorite features: an insane amount of closets. NOT cleaned out so don’t zoom in!

As you can see I don’t really know what to put up top in the “hidden” storage. Large luggage fills up about 1/4 of it. Super handy! My favorite part of it all is I just close the doors and don’t have to look at any of it, even dressers and dresser clutter are hidden.

We have always been a bit spoiled by having a huge master bedroom. Our first house had an attic that had been finished and was roughly the size of the whole first floor…so even though it was a smaller home we had a huge space and huge closet. The only headache was going downstairs for the
bathroom…especially while pregnant!

Our current master is quite the opposite; it is extremely open to the bathroom. There is a pocket door that closes off toilet and shower but it’s still an open concept. So much so I wondered about putting up a partition at first, but we have grown accustomed to the layout now.

Eventually, I would replace the carpet in that area with hard flooring and would love to figure out a way to add a second sink. But, counter space and storage space are not lacking!

I know, I know…Boudreaux’s kennel makes for a lovely design element! I would love to wallpaper this wall in the near future. Although, in the little research I have done I’ve been shocked at the cost of wallpaper! Who knew?! I have only ever wanted to rip the stuff down so I never dreamed it was

If we settle on any wallpaper you know I’ll blog about it 🙂

 photo Northwell_Alt-Taylor-MidCenturyMom 1_zpsplbx4gxd.png