Santa Stationery

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What a week! I haven’t blogged lately because I have a case of the Christmas crazies and, like many of you, am just trying to prep for the big day.

If you don’t have a to-do list with 14 things still left unchecked then I am impressed. I had good intentions this week, and then I got sucked into a 4 hour playroom purging, vacuuming, organizing, furniture rearranging, baking soda carpet refreshing FRENZY, and it has gone downhill from there.

Does anyone else make a to-do list and then randomly spend their time doing things that aren’t on it?

Yesterday on my lunch break I intended to knock out the last few presents that needed wrapping. Instead, I walked into the utility room where we keep the wrapping paper and got distracted by the mess so I decided it needed to be re-organized.


Kind of like when your Christmas cards come in on December 19th and you know you have to get them all addressed right that moment and you choose to get sucked into the longest (but maybe greatest) movie ever The Sound of Music…

Fun fact: you WILL spell things wrong if you are trying to sing “Do Re Mi” while simultaneously writing. And it will take you 3 hours to complete this one item on your list 🙂

Meanwhile I decided homemade gifts are fun (they are!) and have been concocting a potion in beautiful/practical spray bottles and I can’t say for sure if it has turned out. Every day I add a little something to it and I may just have to remove homemade items off my list next year.

So…if you’re feeling a little Christmas crazy…

I get it.

You think you can get things finished on your lunch break but then you realize you have kids class Christmas parties or have to brave Walmart for one last stocking item and wind up stuck in there for an hour. Or your kids are sick with the usual December crumminess and no one is sleeping because of it. Maybe you are hosting the holiday and your house looks like a war zone.

I really get it. They don’t call it hustle and bustle for nothing!

But hey, it’s worth it. I try to set it all aside and focus on how much I love this time of year. Because I truly do.

My point to all this rambling is: I have something that might help you out! I created a simple Santa stationery just in case he needs to jot down anything for your kids!

Somewhere in my parents home there is a letter I wrote to Santa that said:

“Are you real? Check yes or no.”

Clearly I was listening to a lot of George Strait in the mid-nineties and had some inspiration for my letter. Santa checked yes and even left a few ash-smudged finger prints. It was such a cool touch.

I remember thinking even as a young child that I had proof because no two people have the same fingerprint. I could just stroll into the nearest police station and have them run the prints, ha!

I imagine Santa may leave a few fingerprints on his stationary this year! I know my kids will love it.

Also growing up there were a few years where Santa led us through our house with a series of clues to lead us to our shared family gift.

This year I believe he may be planning to give the clues to the present idea a go! After the kids open their presents, there may be clues to lead them to a big surprise–their new costume closet!

What better way for Santa to leave a little note, a clue, a fingerprint, a request for kiddos to be good all year, etc than on a piece of his own stationery!?

Click here for the printable PDF of the image below

I am looking forward to seeing what Santa comes up with for this clue/scavenger hunt present idea. He has’t decided just yet….but it’s on his to-do list 🙂

Meanwhile I have decided one thing for sure, the big man is getting slice and bakes from this house. Crossing that whole “try making gingerbread cookies for the first time” thing off my list never felt so good!

I know for a fact he won’t mind a bit.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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