10 Easter basket ideas that aren’t toys

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I love something concrete like a stocking or an Easter basket for gifts because once it’s full, it’s full. Sure we have those occasional spill-over Easter basket items…but for the most part, I like finding stuff to actually fit inside the basket!

Maybe it’s because I am a minimalist wannabe but the basket is the perfect size to delight a child without overwhelming them with plastic toys. Since I have a growing aversion to excess toys and the overflowing playroom still bursting from Christmas…I am doing a mostly non-toy list below.

And it’s still fun!

At our house we have an ongoing request from our 3 year old for “a lab.” If dad is on a trip, can he bring back a lab? If he’s good at school, can he have a lab when I pick him up? Will the Easter Bunny put a LAB in his basket? You get the idea.

And you might be thinking he is referring to a sweet, gentle puppy dog. But no, actually our child is fixated on a owning a laboratory where he can turn people into robots and take over the world (he says these things!)…thank you so very much PJ Masks.

If you have that level of specification at your house, then maybe you don’t need this list. I personally love reading gift lists and getting ideas for all those last minute items I can find on Prime.

So here are some ideas for a fun basket that isn’t full of toys!

1. Chalk, bubbles, kites – bring on spring time with these easy to find, affordable crowd pleasers! So a kite is sort of a toy but it’s not a sit in the toy chest kind of toy.

2. Books – Our first Easter as parents we filled the basket exclusively with books. Now that we have so many at our house I only need to put one in there for them to share. Our little guy is stuck in an Eric Carle rut so I am looking to add to the collection!

3. Umbrellas and/or rainboots – it’s not all clear skies and sunshine! We found a tiny umbrella at the Dollar Store about a month ago and it’s a huge hit with our 3 year old.

4. Bath stuff – I enjoy giving and receiving bath items because they are a limited use item. Just like bubbles and chalk—you use them, they bring joy, they get used up, they are gone! (Unlike tiny cheap toys that end up at the bottom of the toy box.) I have bath bombs from Lush going in our baskets but I did these easy bath color tablets for Valentines and they are perfect gifts too!

5. Beach towel, flip flops, beach bag – this is especially fun if you have an early summer vacation coming up because they are things you actually need and would be buying anyway!

6. Gift cards –Giving experiences is all the rage now and for good reason. Give them a movie theater gift card or admission to a local children’s museum and be happy your play room doesn’t actually burst at the seams.

7. Gardening supplies – I think this is just springy and fun. Get them outside and cultivate a green thumb from an early age…I wish I had because I struggle now! Try this sweet little watering can and/or small shovels, gloves, etc.

8. Glow sticks – Sometimes on a Friday night we go a little wild and toss a handful of these cheap glowsticks in the bath tub for the boys and turn the lights off. They love it. I may even bust out a glass of wine for rave bath night. Wild times at our house, wild times.

9. Child plates/silver wear/cups – Sippy cups are gross. Keep it fresh and buy some new ones with whatever cartoon is the flavor of the month! I love those fun dump truck forks and character plates too. Anything to get them to eat their dinner, am I right?!

10. A lab – Do you want to join the madness? Truthfully I think this will fall slightly short of his expectations since he is expecting a full-blown BUILDING. But this chemistry set is the best we can do. I think we’ll use food coloring and glow sticks to color the water and then… work on our plan to take over the world I guess…

What are some of your favorite Easter basket items? Let me know in the comments!

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