five reasons why I love Aldi

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Guys, I love Aldi. What a random blog post, right?

It came to mind because April is almost like a January for me… It’s sort of a fresh start to spring and I find myself wanting to eat right, budget better, work out as summer approaches, and of course, spring clean! I’d say Aldi helps me accomplish three out of four goals, unless you count shopping with my kids as a workout…which is probably why I prefer to go alone!

1. The diapers! Aldi’s Little Journey line of baby products didn’t exist when I had my now 3 year old. Since he was our first-born, and slightly spoiled in the way first-borns tend to be, he wore Pampers Swaddlers. These were towards the top of the line when it came to cost but I couponed when I could and just felt like it wasn’t wise to buy cheap diapers if you wanted things to stay…contained. Then, at 18 months he woke up wet almost every morning and I didn’t know where to turn. We tried Huggies and Luvs but they were worse! Around this time, Aldi was advertising the new baby line so I gave it a shot and he woke up dry morning after morning. It was amazing since they are about half the price. Our second was born a few months later and has been in them from the start!

2. Random non-food aisles. I feel like this has really expanded over the last few years, but the aisles of random items can contain some really great finds! I love that it changes from week to week, but that they keep seasons in mind. Weight sets and organizers in January, garden and lawn care in May, rugs/lamps/dorm room items in August, etc. You really never know what will be rolling out next—how much fun is that?!

3. Plants! This is fairly new for me, but I want so desperately to be a green thumb. I have slowly worked up from plants that can survive without water for a month in a windowless bathroom, up to taking home random house plants from Aldi and not killing them! Over the last few months I have acquired (and kept alive) 3 hydrangeas, two full green leafy things, one taller plant with long purple leaves, and another two with big green leaves. Clearly I could stand to learn their names, but most were $1-$4 and included an actual pot and not just a plastic one. To class up any plant that needs it, I love sticking it in a mid century modern planter and there are never ending choices on Amazon, of course.

4. Fancy cheeses. If I host bunco or any sort of gathering, I am known to provide a cheese assortment. First of all, I love cheese. Second of all, so do a lot of people. Third of all, it involves no actual cooking. To make a cheese assortment more impressive, you can buy all kinds of artisan cheese at Aldi. I’m sure you could get them at most other grocery stores as well, but this
is a budget grocery store and I’m talking about nicer cheese, so I appreciate the selection!

5. The weekly ad. I grab a weekly flyer on my way out the door every time I go in so I can see all about next week’s products. I think it’s interesting how their selection isn’t constant, but changes often. Just a few weeks ago the inside layout of the ad was a Mon-Fri meal prep suggestion. During Lent I noticed they had tons more seafood than usual. They provide recipes, gift and décor ideas, and show anything that will be on sale. It really is the simple things, but I am excited to look through the ad every single time!

In case you were on the fence…check it out! A lot of people I talk to are surprised I shop there exclusively– from baby products to dog food to (most) toiletries to paper plates. I only have to go elsewhere maybe once every 4-6 weeks to get something Aldi doesn’t offer. Aside from the reasons above, the main reason I shop at Aldi is because a cart full of what my family needs for the week is usually around $50-70 at Aldi…or at least $100 at Walmart. That adds up!

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12 thoughts on “five reasons why I love Aldi”

  1. You were an Aldi kid from a year and a half + (and some) ( being born in Baltimore…not sure they had Aldi ) But we sure switched when we got here…….Great read . !!

    1. It’s the best! I still remember spending the night with friends and being bummed they didn’t have off brand sodas or “Aldi milk” haha

  2. I used to love Aldi. I agree on the diapers. I’m a Ruler fan now. If you ever venture over, their off brand diapers are also awesome. I would go back to Aldi just for their “random” aisle. Whenever I get my nerve back I may go back. The last time I was in there was around September when Emma was about 3 weeks old. She was in her car seat inside the cart and I ran in for some groceries. I asked the cashier if she would mind if I left Emma in the cart and she just put my stuff back in. She seemed really bothered and rolled her eyes at me and called over the speaker for help. After she rang up my stuff she threw my stuff over on the counter and I had to fend for myself. I about cried. Never been back.

    1. Oh no! Hopefully that person is gone! They always ask me when the boys are loaded up if I want them to pack the cart with them in it and I say yes, so they move one over and pack up ours then move the empty one back!

  3. I LOVE ALDI!! We have one within walking distance from our apartment and I probably go there more than I need to! I often find myself sounding like an Aldi commercial to my friends!!

    1. I am the same way–I always say I wish I could work for Aldi marketing department on the side, ha!

  4. Absolutely love ALDI – I can’t seem to find your #fortheloveofBLOG badge? To take part in the linky, it needs to be on the page, or we’ll have to take off any future links. Sorry to be a party pooper!

    1. Just went back to your post and grabbed it! I think I misunderstood and thought it was for featured only links but I got the right one and adding it now. Thank you!

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