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Last week I hit my official “2 months in blogging” and just wanted to share a little update with everyone like I did after month 1.

I started a “series” in month 2 with Mid Century Mondays and found that people seem to enjoy seeing pictures of my house 🙂 The downside is I don’t always feel like taking pictures of my house, ie cleaning my house to the point where it’s photo ready….so I have skipped a few Mondays (like today!).

Although it didn’t feel like it, I actually blogged more in my second month with 12 posts verses 9 in the first month. I think I can attribute this to spending less time trying to figure out back end things and getting to spend more time writing!

Part of the reason I don’t fear back end issues anymore is due to Bluehost and their handy online chat. If you are hesitant to start a blog because tech words like code and domain are not part of your vocab, they will handle it! I am so not tech savvy. You can sign up with my link below for a deal on pricing!

On the side hustle aspect of my blog, I am sad to say I did not earn any better than last month’s $5.07.

I know, I know….how will I survive?!

In all seriousness, I got an email from Amazon Associates which is the affiliate income program I signed up to use, and they said that after reviewing my first month they were going to deny my account for lack of content. A little kick to the ego there, but I get it. I only had 9 posts on my entire website, after all.

They mean business with the denial though…I can’t even access my five bucks! Lesson learned, blogging isn’t some get rich quick scheme (I can dream though, can’t I?). Luckily I am enjoying it regardless and plan to keep at it!

I made a little goal for myself to increase my views from 1500 in the first month to 3000 in my second.  I ended up short at 2233 views in my second month which is so exciting still! I love that people like reading my little blog. I also hoped to increase my subscribers from 16 to around 30 and came in at 22 total, which I am also so happy with and humbled by.

I will always appreciate your views and subscriptions! Here’s to another month blogging and maybe not being kicked out of the Amazon Affiliate program a second time 🙂


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  1. I am actually inspired by you. Last, I had started blogging, so that I can earn money. But, after some time I quit blogging due to time issue and no earning as I expected. Now, I thing should start again and it will help me in many ways.

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